For those about to rock (the vote)…

  1. For those about to rock (the vote)…
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  7. The After-Math: A midterm election post-count-em post

By: Richard W. Sharp & Patrick W. Zimmerman

For those about to rock the vote, we salute you. But before you visit the polls in November, you have to register to vote.

Luckily for you, tomorrow is Tuesday, September 25th, National Voter Registration Day.

Hallmark might not have caught on quite yet, but your local library may have.

Midterms have a history of….um….tepid turnout, but this year needs to be different. A madman frets over his ego while tapping his tiny fingers on a shiny red button while the grown ups in the room have bravely joined the resistance (except for the good stuff: defending misogyny and tax breaks for the 1%). A Democrat victory won’t fix this overnight, but it can give you a voice. It’s time to remind the representatives whom they represent.

In short: Want that blue wave? It’s not going to go and make itself.

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Richard is a Seattle area data scientist who builds predictive models and the services that deliver them. He earned a PhD in Applied and Computational Math from Princeton University, and left academia for the dark side of science (industry) in 2010, following his wife to the land of flannel. Fan of coffee, beer, backpacking and puns. Enjoys a day on the lake fishing, and, better, cooking up the catch for a crowd.

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