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Week of May 29, 2017

This week, we got worried about internet privacy, found some Very Smart Brothas, and celebrated the inventor of fußball. Oh yeah, and Big Orange pulled the USA out of a broadly popular climate pledge. No biggie.

Orbot (Tor connection) & Orfox (Tor browser) – Tor for Android

With net neutrality standards being rolled back in Washington and increasingly sophisticated tracking by the all-encompassing Google, how do you avoid getting creeped out by, say, a notification helpfully asking you to review a place you’ve recently been but never told your phone about (by getting directions, reviews, etc)? The answer is to protect your anonymity with a tunneling network on your phone.

Very Smart Brothas

Also, Sistas. This site is hilarious, and it’s smart.

Steven on Libcom – “Finisterre, Alejandro, 1919-2007”

All hail futbolín! This poet left a legacy unmatched in the history of bar games.

Marlon, Fine, & Leiserowitz on Yale program for Climate Communication – “Majorities of Americans in every state support participation in the Paris agreement”

Including the citizens of Pittsburgh.

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