How do I join the community?

When you join our community, you get to participate in the research. You can vote on ideas, debate just about anything, comment on articles, and submit your ideas and articles. Create a profile here!

Are there Community Behavior Guidelines?

  1. Be Excellent to Each Other.
    • Suggest, encourage, debate, provoke, engage, but maintain a respectful attitude at all times. No personal attacks. Ever.
  2. Support Your Points.
    • Evidence is what separates argument from mere opinion. Qualitative or quantitative, it’s all good, but back up what you say!
  3. No Plaigarism.
    • All work on the site should be your own or clearly cited. Give credit where credit is due.
  4. Learn Something New.
    • Curiosity is what drives the people on this site. We’re all here because we want to learn something new.
  5. Both Form and Content Matter.
    • Elegant language makes logic and evidence more effective. The most brilliant of ideas loses something when communicated poorly. Edit & proofread before posting.
  6. Involve the Community in Your Work.
    • Don’t forget the What’s Next? section at the end of any project article! @mention specific contributors to ask for help or offer suggestions. Other people want to read your work, and a collaborative writing process takes advantage of the breadth of knowledge in our communities.
  7. Be Creative
    • We offer up the opportunity for people to be creative with their posts. Don’t just sit there with lame old transaction news! Spice it up a bit!.

What topics does Principally Uncertain cover?

Our topic scope will change over time, according to the votes and suggestions of you, the audience. We tend to focus on pop culture and politics because that’s what people have found the most interesting.

If you want us to research the history of Kaiju and how they are humanity’s only hope against the coming robot uprising (and, honestly, who wouldn’t want to read that?), then that’s what we’ll do!

Can I write articles?

Yes! All article submissions are reviewed by our Editors, but we absolutely want you to show us your moves!

Do articles need to use stats or data?

Nope. You need to use evidence in any research article, which can be quantitative or qualitative. So, as long as you show your work, there’s no particular numbers requirements.

Satire, humor, and exposition pieces, of course, have different criteria.

How often will you update the articles and comics?

Initially, every Tuesday. As the community grows and we get more article submissions, the pace of updates will increase.

Do submitted articles have to be exclusive?

No. Principally Uncertain reserves the right to edit and perpetually post all content on the site, but yes, you can publish something elsewhere if you’ve also posted it here. See our Terms of Service for the fine print.

What's up with the newsletter?

We want to keep you up to date with Principally Uncertain, but we don’t want to annoy you so our newsletters go out once a month. In the newsletter you get all kinds of cool info like recently published articles, new comics, swag in the shop, and new members.

Still have questions? Shoot us a message!