Announcing the Principally Uncertain Shop!

It’s finally here!

The most spectacular shopping experience that supports the premier site dedicated to octopi-themed research and associated nonsense. We’re pretty confident that’s right. And hey, everything’s true on the Internet!

The shop is up and ready for your eyeballs! These sales help us keep the site running and paying tithes to the AWS server gremlins (they’re very hungry gremlins).

Your contributions through subscriptions, t-shirts, posters, and coloring books will help us run the site ad free. That’s right, no pop up ads, no commercials, no native ads, and no sponsored content. We’re trying to opt-out of the Interwebs’ self-consuming ouroboros ecosystem of advertising click-bait. There are no data-mining pixels tracking your shopping habits, no information shared with Facebook to “help” show you “better ads.”

What do we have to help you show off your nerd cred? Among other things:

T-shirts and flamethrowers aren’t the only way to show support. You can donate a one-time amount, or support our projects with a subscription.


Check out the shop!

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