Cast your lot with the Jellyfish Collective in 2016

  1. Edith for President
  2. Vote Cthulhu in 2016
  3. Cast your lot with the Jellyfish Collective in 2016
  4. Elect Ed in 2016

Crowdfunded by Jellyfish for Jellyfish and of Jellyfish

Make the North Pacific Pre-Cambrian again

  • We are the future. One is many and many are one. You will join our wriggly ranks, and you will like it.
  • End the anti-cnidarian discrimination. Jellies have been too long a silent majority in global politics, ceding agency in their own affairs to chordates. No longer.
  • We welcome the warming of the oceans and eutrophication of coastal waters. While fish struggle in low-oxygen, high-acid environments, we’re tougher, more adaptable, and simply better. The winds of history are on our side, and we propose that no effort whatsoever be made to halt climate change. Bring on the Age of the Jellies!
  • All economic activity in the NPDC should be evenly redistributed on a per-polyp basis. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and we are legion.

Jellyfish of the world, unite! Make yourself heard and vote below.

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I'm a big ol' nerd, and I want to effuse that nerdiness for the rest of my life. I spend as much time as I can drawing and playing video games, and I've taken that to the career level now since I'm back in school to be a game designer. I'm the mom to three puppies and a fat kitty, and the wife to a fellow nerd.

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