Elect Ed in 2016

  1. Edith for President
  2. Vote Cthulhu in 2016
  3. Cast your lot with the Jellyfish Collective in 2016
  4. Elect Ed in 2016

Campaign funding provided by The Benthic Progress League

For science!

  • Science is the way forward! I will provide subsidies to Tech industry entrepreneurs and disruptive blue-sky thinkers to innovate our way to prosperity!
  • Taxes shall be lowered across the board. Each individual, when freed of the shackles of some of his financial obligations, will be free to invest, explore, and discover!
  • College education is a right, and North Pacific U tuition will be set at $500/semester.
  • Education expansion and tax reduction will be paid for by a massive reduction in the 20th-century edifice of our military-industrial complex by ¾. People are fundamentally nice, and military buildup only encourages others to do the same. These are funds that could affect the lives of each and every citizen of the NPDC if put to better use.

We can do it! Cast a vote for Ed if you believe in the future.

About The Author

I'm a big ol' nerd, and I want to effuse that nerdiness for the rest of my life. I spend as much time as I can drawing and playing video games, and I've taken that to the career level now since I'm back in school to be a game designer. I'm the mom to three puppies and a fat kitty, and the wife to a fellow nerd.

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