Vote Cthulhu in 2016

  1. Edith for President
  2. Vote Cthulhu in 2016
  3. Cast your lot with the Jellyfish Collective in 2016
  4. Elect Ed in 2016

A God is arisen

Accept no lesser evil!

  • We shall build a wall on the shores of the South China Sea to keep out the continued Continental invasion and chemical war on the North Pacific Democratic Confederation.
  • There will be free, mandatory breading and ranch dip for all swimmers more than 100 yards from shore.
  • Coffee is a basic staple, and NPDC coffee prices will be regulated at $0.50 per 8oz cup once I have become God-Emperor.
  • The Dead will rise from their graves, and their votes will be counted.

Embrace your destiny, and join the legions of Cthulhu by voting below!

About The Author

I'm a big ol' nerd, and I want to effuse that nerdiness for the rest of my life. I spend as much time as I can drawing and playing video games, and I've taken that to the career level now since I'm back in school to be a game designer. I'm the mom to three puppies and a fat kitty, and the wife to a fellow nerd.

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