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Hey @rsharp, I’m going back and forth about whether to expand the Trump Watch corpus beyond his tweets to official speeches for which we have transcripts (CPAC, Inauguration, State of the Union, etc.).


  • Much higher volume of speech to parse and we should get a much more accurate count of what subjects he cares about more (the 2 speeches so far constitute about 1/4 of the volume of all his tweets since election day).
  • Some diplomatic insults (France, in the CPAC speech) aren’t done via Tweet but still have exactly the same effect. We could include those in the Doomsday Counter.


  • (Only applies to the TF-IDF term significance chart). It’s not exactly a like-to-like comparison between Trump tweets+speeches and other politicians’ tweets. It might work out, but that’s the most obvious potential skew of the dataset. And I’m not prepared to find every public speech of all 585 active accounts we’re tracking manually.

So, it boils down to this: Do we want a Trump Watch or a Trump Twitter Watch?


Ok, after talking with @rsharp, it seems like the best thing to do is preserve the IDF half of TF-IDF by keeping things to tweets. Future project is a TF analysis of Trump’s corpus, including the speeches.

Also, he didn’t really say anything crazy last night that made me feel super-compelled to include it.

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