I have a confession to make: I’ve come around on the Wild Card Game.

When it first came out, I was rather vocal in my opposition to the dilution of the playoffs, letting teams flirting with .500 dream of sneaking into the playoffs as (gasp) up to a 3rd-place team!

I’ve gotten off my high horse. It’s fun. It’s ridiculous that baseball could be a winner-take-all, one-and-done game, but, man, does it force some marquee pitching matchups (like tonight) and some crazy drama (like last night, or last year’s bonkers TEX at TOR game).

The playoffs are already a bit of a crapshoot, so if they’re going to admit a Wild Card team at all, why not go for maximum entertainment? Strap me in. I’m ready for the ride.


And neither disappointed. Wow, what a pitchers’ duel. The Giants’ only hope was to try and get Syndergaard to throw enough pitches to get him out of the game. And they did it.


@jono, be sure to have your boss fly you back and forth in the air for the remainder of the playoffs. They won, so you can’t change it.

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