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I’ve been trying a lot of different ciders recently on account of I hate beer (please don’t be mad at me). Anyways I’m loving Woodchuck and Downeast from the tap.

Does anyone have any suggestions for awesome ciders?


In the non-super-sweet realm of ciders, anything from the English West Country (usually called Scrumpy) is quite nice. I’m a huge fan of northern Spanish sidra, which tends to mix sour and bittersweet apples in and is often not carbonated (you pour it from above your head into a glass to make a head and chug the 50mls or so at a time. It’s awesome.


I also do not love beer, @courtney, because I can’t help but love super sweet stuff. I’ve had some caramel apple hard cider that was pretty great, I’ll have to go look the name up at Bevmo and get back to you!


If you’re into the sweet thing, perry would also work for you @courtney. Or possibly a sour fruit beer like Kreik Lambic, a Belgian beer made with a ton of cherries.


I’ve had Perry before and I really liked it. I’ve tried so many fruit beers to please my beer loving friends who think they can convince me that beer is worth drinking (spoiler alert – it’s not).

I do like ciders that are punched up with different fruits – I’ve had some decent pineapple ciders before #sosweet

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