So, I’m going to kick this off with me wanting to kick my TV after Santiago Casilla became the 8th pitcher ever to balk in the winning run this past July 16th.

But, per WPA, most of his -.807 (aka costing his team 80.7% of its win probability) actually happened before the infamous balk, allowing the tying run to get on, score, and then the winning run to get on 3rd in the first place. Here’s the whole ugly story via Fangraphs.



Speaking of unlikely, anyone else rooting for three-way wildcard ties in both leagues?

@christopher-hearsey @rsharp @otrera


I couldn’t have handled it stress wise! The one game wild card is enough stress for me!


Yeah. They call it the Coin Flip Game for a reason. Think the pitching matchup is going to be a wash.

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