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I’ve just started using watercolors seriously, and I think I’m doing an alright job for a noob. A couple of friends on Facebook have responded really well to the watercolors, and want some of my art for their own. Custom paintings, based on their requests. I have a hard time turning these down, because some of them are very close to me (heck, one of the requesters is my Grandma, I can’t say no to her) and because it’s really sweet to me that people would want my art. But when time is hectic, this gets problematic.

I’ve noticed this problem a lot with handmade things. When I crocheted, or 3D printed, or did perler bead work, this happened pretty frequently.

Do you get asked to give away your talents? Maybe it’s not handmade; maybe you’re an editor, and you get asked to go through papers all the time (also frequent for me). Or you’re a great stylist, like my sister, so you get asked for cheap and discounted hair cuts all the time. How do you handle this? Where do you draw your line?


@pokemama, I tend not to draw a solid line, but just have a ranked list of priorities. If I’m slammed for time, then the stuff that I’m doing as favors tends to drop to the bottom of that list. It usually still gets done, but maybe not as fast as someone who asked wanted.

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