I haven’t been as Grinchy in my life as I have been in the last two years. I really do love Christmas, but I do not love Christmas showing up in September. Give Halloween and Thanksgiving their due time in the spotlight. Christmas is special when it’s celebrating during Christmas-time, not year round.

Thoughts? Anyone else sticklers during the holidays?


I used to be like that too, but now that I only go home for the holidays, I can’t get enough. I’m contemplating getting a tree before Thanksgiving so I have as much time as possible adoring it before it dies with the rest of my Christmas dreams.

I think a big reason I don’t get all grinchy is that I don’t see Christmas ads and I don’t spend a ton of time in malls so I only really get the genuine non-salesy Christmas.


I’m pretty grinchy, but @courtney has a very good point: the frequency of your exposure to buymoreohgodpleasebuystuff Christmas is directly related to how fast you get sick of it. TV watching probably has some effect on this as well as getting out and watching retail stores.

I actually always loved Thanksgiving better, though. The food tends to be more epic, which is why I’m a bigger fan of hosting it and kind of am ok with just going to the various families’ places for Christmas.


@pzed I feel the same way about Thanksgiving. I think people bring their A-Game food wise, and I think that the absence of presents gives everybody more of a genuine excuse to stick around and socialize.

I’m on YouTube pretty much every day, and the Christmas ads started as soon as September. So I can see @courtney’s point about exposure being excessively exhausting. To be fair, we went out and got all our Christmas shopping done last night, so from this point forward, the amount of BUYBUYBUY Christmas stuff I deal with should be minimized.

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