I’ve been having a really tough couple of weeks (or I guess months) coping with the election – so I’ve kind of been diving into different forms of self-care and coping mechanisms. Right now I’m on a big face mask kick. Also a lot of crafting. With Christmas coming up, I’m fully committed to seasonal joy (which means January will probably be a mess).

So I’m looking for other self-care solutions! What have you guys been doing to take care of yourselves mentally?


I have sections of time where I just turn off. I’m a pretty busy person and I like taking on more than I can chew, so rather than snapping and having a mental collapse, I set myself a time frame (the evening, a whole day, whatever) every now and again where I goof off. I’ll binge watch, I’ll play games, the husband and I will go out driving, or something else mindless. It really helps me reset, especially after something hectic happening previously.

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