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In literature. Interesting that the concept of poetry (which was always a part of this category), has been expanded to include songs. It’s something that happens a lot in the popular discourse, but the Nobel Committee is usually full of pretty stodgy old dudes. I mean, they did give it to an old white dude, but it was at least a different kind of old white dude.

, any thoughts on this?


Yeah… it’s interesting. I mean many people might argue that lyrics are a form of poetry. I often hear people describe Dylan as a poet and Patty Smith blended poetry into her songs. But I’m far from an expert in this area so found an article that seems credible and explains the differences.

My feeling is that songwriting in many ways seems harder because you have to take into account the music and melody, but then again, I’m not a fan of poetry all that much and more of a fan of music so I’m biased.


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