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I was incredibly lazy last night. I did not want to cook. So dear husband looked at what we had, which was nothing, and somehow whipped up a very minimalist fried rice (literally just eggs and rice). And it was awesome.

Any other cheap/no food in the house/too lazy dinner miracles?


A go-to is pasta sauce from scratch. Just have onions, crushed tomatoes, garlic around the house and then all you need is whatever veggies you happen to want to throw in. Sautée onions and garlic until soft. Add other chopped veggies. Cover and cook down a bit. Add crushed tomatoes plus any herbs you feel like and wine. Low simmer for 1/2 hour or until you get impatient. Done.


That’s something I have googled 100 times but have never been able to find a good recipe for, @pzed. They’re always a little more elaborate than the “there is nothing in my house” state I’m in when I’m googling recipes. Thanks for that one!

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