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I’m a Star Wars fan, that much is clear. It’s no secret. But I’m not in a huge rush to go see it. I’ll casually check it out towards the tail end of it’s time in the theater, or I’ll wait until it’s on DVD. I’m not going to go throw money at it just because it’s Star Wars when I only have a moderate interest in it (purely based on the content; it looks fine to me, and that can’t justify theater prices).

This got kind of a backlash when I mentioned it to people I was hanging out with the other day. I got the opposite statement a lot: you should see it BECAUSE it’s a Star Wars movie. And you’re not a fan if you don’t.

Uh, no. I disagree. I had this argument with a friend around E3. They announced Final Fantasy VII, then said it’d probably be released episodically, with each episode prooobably being $40 to $60. I got grumpy and said that wasn’t fair, and I don’t think I’d pay that. They’d have to be full games for me to pay full game prices. The friend said I must not be a real fan then.

Do I have to throw countless dollars at something to be a real fan? Do you support something purely because it’s part of your fandom, or more because you like it?

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