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We are solidly in my favorite of the beer seasons. What are your favorite (pumpkin and non-pumpkin) varieties? Homebrewers (@pzed) what do you have on tap?


Just bottled the Nutty Professsor! It’s going to come out a bit more like a porter than a stout. Since more of the malt was digested by our busy busy yeasties… it also means it’s going to be about 8% abv rather than the target 5%.

I find pumpkin beers way often go just too overboard with the spices. It tastes like pie, but not much like beer @otrera.


Pie’s good. So’s beer. Even at the same time.

Just picky about them being in the same bottle.


I have a hard time drinking certain flavors, I don’t know why. I love pumpkin food, not a huge fan of pumpkin drinks. Is there something that you think could break the mold for me, @pzed and @otrera?


If you want to talk to Mr. Pumpkin Drink himself, ask @rsharp @pokemama. Dude works for Starbucks, and they want you to have pumpkin spice in your everything, from your coffee to your latte to your frappuchino (what, you want to drink something else? Not acceptable).

I usually am not a big fan of pumpkin beers in general (see above), so you should probably ask @otrera on that one.


I may be a diligent disciple of the almighty Starbucks, but I am not a fan of pumpkin spice drinks. I know, I’m a blasphemer, but I just don’t like it.


I’ll just leave Ash a recommendation from The Swedish Chef: Use a bazooka on your pumpkins for maximum extreme taste.

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